Tabitha is a queer leather person who really hates boxes and labels. They are also an unapologetic gender rebel! They are an avid educator within the community as well as their vanilla life. Tabitha enjoys teaching and having discussions about gender identity, sexuality, play, and enthusiastic consent. Tabitha has been active in the community in NM and across the country for over ten years. They are excited about growing within this community!

Class Gender Rebels: Navigating Gender Identity in a BDSM Context

Class description: For those of us who identify outside the binary, love someone who does, or even want to play with someone who is a gender rebel it can be complicated to have those honest and necessary conversations. In this space we will talk about different gender identities and have a conversation about how to talk about sex and play in respectful and constructive ways with gender rebels. Come join us as we talk about gender identity and ways to navigate the complexities that exist within a BDSM context.

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