NMLL Membership

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The objective of the New Mexico Leather League is to provide a service to the broader regional Leather Community. Please note that while we do encourage consensual bonds of all kinds, we are not primarily a social organization.

As a member, you will assist with planning two annual leather events in Albuquerque: Spring Pandemonium (April) and Leather Fiesta (October). You will also work to sponsor and promote other events in the leather community-at-large, and help to empower individuals to become community leaders. All of this is in the service of assuring continuity within the community for new generations of leather people.

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As a member of NMLL you may attend meetings, discuss and vote on matters pertaining to the organization and its undertakings. Volunteer time as you are able, and help to plan, organize, implement and evaluate our projects and events. Members of NMLL may also run for a position on the Board of Directors. Elections held annually. Various discounts and freebies are reserved for NMLL members as budget allows.

How Do I Join?

Complete the membership application, listing a sponsor (active member of NMLL willing to vouch for you). Please submit your application here, or at a regular administrative meeting.

Applications are reviewed for completeness then presented and voted on at the next general meeting of NMLL. Our membership year runs July to June.