Lady Deblyn & slave-wife tara


Lady Deblyn has been in BDSM life for over 40 years. She has been an Owned & collared slave, had a myriad of play partners including Dominant and submissive males. Charter Member of MAsT: Gainesville (Florida), became Chapter Director from 2011- 2015. She was a committee member of the ALE (Alternative Lifestyle Explorers) group in St. Augustine and also a member of many of the Florida groups, traveling, attending munches/play parties, making many friends along the way. Dungeon Monitor for some of the Florida “conferences” held each year. slave-wife tara has been in BDSM for 45+ years, getting her start at the infamous Hellfire Club in NYC, bottomed for many infamous folks there in the 60s and 70s. Being an ordained minister/Pagan Priestess she has performed many handfastings/marriages. Being a radical she has spoken to many groups pertaining to transgender and/or political issues. Inaugural Titleholders of the Florida Power Exchange-2013. Stress Safety & Education

Class: 24/7 202: Living the Dream

The dream of a 24/7 dynamic and its reality spoken by two who have been together since Mother’s Day 2010 in the same house. The discussions (think negotiations) before we made this commitment, reactions of others (think vanilla bio-family). How our life together has been and how we keep the dream alive. It may seem like a life story but it was a dream for both that is now very real. And working.

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