Gina Whittington


Gina Whittington, Great Lakes Ms Olympus Leather 2004, comes from Columbus, OH. Born and bred a Buckeye, she’s a queer poly switch/Sir/Daddy. After serving 7 years as Co-Chair for the Ohio Leather Fest, she now serves on staff and presents at events from Leather Leadership (LA 2004, Chicago 2002, New Orleans 2005), Black Rose (2002 and 2003), NLA (several times since 1998), Dark Odyssey, Leather Retreat, the KY Derby City Fetish Ball, the Galleria Domain, Shibari Con, Purple Rose Society and OhioSMART. After a 10 year hiatus, she is back and ready to dive in head first! Over the last 10 years, she’s watched her kids grow into men, played women’s professional tackle football, and moved to the Southwest – Albuquerque, NM. Active in the scene 23 years now, she has owned one boy 20 years, and been with her partner Devon for 6 years.

Class: Humiliation 

Have you ever been humiliated to the point where you “just wanted to die?” Do you cringe while watching someone do something embarrassing on a TV show? Where you wanted to hide your head and never face that person again? Learn – from the bottom’s perspective – about being taken down, and brought back up again to be stronger, more confident, and to feel loved by being humiliated. This will be an interactive discussion, please come with your own ideas, comments and questions.

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