Ariel still feels new to the community after 2 years and is still voraciously exploring kink. She is passionate about ethics and loves to ask difficult questions – come to this class and see! She started her kink exploration many years ago as a sub, but has been a 24/7 domme to her pet, Alice, for over a year now and hasn’t looked back.

Class: Can We Really Consent to Power Exchange?: when power imbalance intersects with D/s

The professor calls a naive college freshman into his office for some “remedial” work – and pulls out the paddle. BDSM fantasies feed on taboo scenarios, but what about when that fantasy becomes reality, and there is a social or cultural power imbalance built into your power exchange? How do you encourage non-coercive consent when the “s” side of the slash is young, inexperienced or otherwise at a power disadvantage? This panel will address those difficult questions from both sides of the slash, and will include Stan Alexander – rest of the panel TBD

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