Tyler Fong

boy tyler Fong, American Leatherboy 2011 is a gay Leatherman who identifies as a Leatherboy, puppy and S/M bottom. His interest in BDSM began in the late 1990’s (reading books and articles) which led him to his first actual scene at the Wet Spot in Seattle, WA while attending an FTM conference! Soon after he met Master Morris Taylor and Peter Fiske of The 15 Association where he now serves as a board member on the Fraternal Committee. Locally he enjoys the company of his pack brothers in the SF K9 Unit at moshes and Woof Camp SF. Domestic travel includes mostly leather or puppy title contests, leather socials or music performances with the Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra, San Francisco Lesbian Gay Freedom Band and Danville Community Band.


CLASS: Paws and Think: Are You a Dog Person?


Human pup play can be seen across the USA and beyond. Workshops, mosh / play parties, bar socials and other public social gatherings can be found at MAL, IML, CLAW and weekends specifically for puppies i.e. IPC, IPTC and PitM. Might you be a pup, handler or connect in some way with those who do!? We will discuss the history, how-to basics and have some discovery play time too! Find out how to make pup time fun for you and those around you!