Corazón Contest Info

The Albuquerque boys of Leather (AboL) is proud to put on the third annual Corazón Leathar contest. The two contestants with the highest scores, and with a minimum of 60 points, will be named the Corazón Leather Leaders of 2017! Winners may select the following honorific to represent their title: Mr, Miss, Mx.


Application, 5 points
Application due date is Sunday Oct. 15 th. Each judge will be provided your application at that time. The judges will be asked to use your application as a template for their interview questions.

Friday Night Meet and Greet, 0 points
Please meet with boy andy Friday night during the cigar social. He is the producer of Corazón Leather, and will be your den boy throughout Leather Fiesta. You will be presented with and asked to wear a red sash (throughout the weekend) marking you as a contestant of Corazón Leather. You are suggested to relax, enjoy yourself, and introduce yourself to at least one person you don’t know.

Interview, 55 points
Interviews will take place starting at 9 am in a second floor meeting room. (It’s early! This prevents conflicts with classes or other day-time obligations.) Contestants will be called in front of the judges one at a time. Contestants are asked to be in the waiting room from 9 am until the judges release the contestants.

Hot wear and Pop question, 20 points
Saturday night (5 pm) Each contestant will have their bio read (by the MC) as their introduction to the Saturday night audience. During this period the contestant is expected to show off their hot wear. After their bio is read they will be asked one pop question.

Fantasy, 20 points
Saturday night (about 6 pm) each contestant is asked to perform a fantasy. This is the talent or entertainment portion of the Saturday night show, and is the final scoring prior to the final tally.

Corazón Leather utilizes Olympic scoring. The highest and lowest score will be removed. The remaining scores will be added for a total. The two contestants with the highest scores will be awarded as the Corazón Leather Leaders!


The judging panel is made up of esteemed guests and members of various local leather/kink communities. The judging panel will be announced prior to the Friday night cigar social.


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to This his third year organizing Corazon Leather, and is eager to make this contest the best yet.

This is not a feeder contest, and travel funds cannot be provided. Though, if the contestant can self fund to a larger title, it has been mentioned that the American Leather Family titles would be a good fit for many Corazon Leaders.