History of Leather in New Mexico

Enjoy learning about New Mexico’s  40-year history of major events leading to today’s diverse, exciting and inviting leather scene.

Key NM Leather Clubs and Happenings 1970's to Present 
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Heights BarMid 1970'sGay bar, Leather positive, first NM social, public outlet (primarily Men)
Leather Sister1975 -Small group of Leather Women formed in northern New Mexico
ARF1978 -Parties on women’s land and in Albuquerque
Women’s Leather Manifesto 1981Remains unpublished, informally distributed
Women on Women’s Land 1977-1986 Leatherdyke fiction readings and erotic poetry around the campfire
Women’s Play Parties1984 First Leatherdyke play party in public venue in Santa Fe
Motorcyclemen of NM 1986-1998 NM’s first organized, formal Leathermen’s club/Runs, play parties, workshops
New Mexico Aids Services1987-Today NM’s original, community organized Aids support, outreach organization
Sandia Leathermen 1989-2000 Pantheon Club of the Year 1997/Drummer- IML feeder/Events, service, parties, social
The Ranch bar 1989-Today Originally Men’s bar / Sandia Leathermen-Leatherwomen home bar
Cuff’s Leather Bar (@ Ranch)1989-2002 NM’s first and only Leather space/Originally strict dress code etc.
Mr. NM Drummer Contest1991-1994 States first Leather contest, Men only
Alternative Erotic Lifestyles1991-Today Educational, play pansexual organization (states oldest continually operating organization)
Mr. NM Leather Contest1994-1999Became feeder contest to IML / Generated thousands of dollars donated to charity
Sandia Leatherwomen1995-2000 NM’s 1st and only Women’s formal Leather club/Partner to Men’s club (same board)
Ms. NM Leather Contest 1995-1999 NM’s first Women’s Leather contest, IMsL feeder, in conjunction with Mr. NM Leather
Rio Grande Leather 2004-2010 Created to produce and sponsor local Leather contest/Serve needs of community
New Mexico Leather Wolves2004-2011 Men’s Leather club, service organization created to serve needs of membership/play parties
New Mexico Leather League2006-Today Umbrella organization created to coordinate efforts and outreach of all organizations & clubs
gLAM - girls of Leather ABQ Metro2006-2008NM's first leather girl's group, created to provide space for female identified submissive leather folk
New Mexico Fetlifers2008-2014 Pansexual web based organization focused on education, events and communication
Albuquerque Leather Daddy’s 2008-Today Men’s club created to serve the needs of the Men’s Daddy/Top community
Albuquerque boys of Leather 2012-Today Leather club created to serve the needs of the Leather boy community
New Mexico Leather Title HeritageThe leather men and women who represented us as title holders.Year of TitleAdditional Titles Held
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Mr. New Mexico Drummer Leonard Martinez 1991
Mr. Motorcyclemen NM Drummer Pat Sanchez 1991Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991
Mr. New Mexico Drummer Chuck Floyd1992
Mr. New Mexico Drummer Steve Benoit 1993
New Mexico Drummerboy James Danforth 1993
Mr. New Mexico Drummer Dominick Zurlo 1994
Mr. New Mexico Leather Matt Lopez 1994
Mr. New Mexico Leather Buddy LaRue 1995 (IML 17th Place)
Ms. New Mexico Leather Lady Willow 1995 (IMsL 2nd runner up)
Mr. New Mexico Leather James Collins 1996 (Tied for 12th place at IML with Daddy Mauro)
Ms. New Mexico Leather Leslie Anderson 1996 American Leatherwoman 1997
International Ms. Bootblack 1999
Mr. New Mexico Leather Dennis Dunnum 1997 (IML 8th Place)
Ms. New Mexico Leather Diva Marie 1997 (IMsL 2nd runner up)
Mr. New Mexico Leather Kevin Watson 1998 International Mr. Fantasy 1996
Ms. New Mexico Leather Mistress Sky1998
Mr. New Mexico Leather Allen Pfannenstiel 1999
Ms. New Mexico Leather Kathryn Alexander 1999
Mr. Leather New Mexico Major Gardner 2003
Ms. Leather New Mexico Lori Ellison 2003 International Ms. Leather 2004
Mr. Rio Grande Leather Ruben Gallegos 2004
Ms. Rio Grande Leather Julian Wolf 2004
Ms. Rio Grande Leather Stacey Wadley 2005
Mr. Rio Grande Leather Dread Pirate Drew 2007
Mr. Rio Grande Leather Crreature 2008
Ms. Rio Grande Leather Kelli (Daddy Bear) 2008
Mr. Rio Grande Leather Craig Dill 2009
Ms. Rio Grande Leather Mistress Sky 2009
Mr. Rio Grande Leather Tyler McCormick 2010 International Mr. Leather 2010
Ms. Rio Grande Leather Jayson DaBoi 2010 International Ms. Bootblack 2010
Ms. CorazónLeatherBrooke NoZKitten2016
Mr Corazón LeatherJoseph Corazón2016