Lady C

Lady C started her kink/leather journey around 1988 in Los Angeles which lead her all around the world. Lady C is a photographer and creator of the WE ARE LEATHER WOMEN project,

Tyler Fong

Tyler Fong is a gay Leatherman and holds the title of American Leatherboy 2011.

Jason Wilby and Jaime Denison

Jason Wilby and Jaime Denison are the co-founders of Albuquerque Team Friendly and active in the Poly, Pagan and Kinky communities.


Saint St. James has been active in the Leather community since 2006. serving on the NM FetLifers Board from 2009 till the group’s closing in 2014.

Hardy Haberman

Long-time LGBT activist and member of the leather community since the mid 1970’s, Hardy is still an enthusiastic participant in the leather scene.

Tyesha Nicole Best

Tyesha is first and foremost, a Leatherwoman. She identifies as a Queer Femme Tomboy and is a permanent student, a writer, lover of history, teacher, musician and “paper schlepper.”

Jayson DaBoi and boy ash

About Jayson DaBoi What I love to do is help, and I will pimp for any Leather man or woman for just about anything. Jayson Daboi is my name bootblacking’s my game, you can also see me spazz… Read More

House Golden

About House Golden was created by Lady Golden. There are currently 6 members with 4 living in Albuquerque and 2 residing in Arizona. This intentional leather family is designed to be a support group for its members where… Read More

Amber and Silva

Silva and Amber are an old butch-femme couple who have been leatherdykes for a combined total of 74 years.

JD Smith

About JD Smith is well known leatherman in Albuquerque.  With his boy Wade, JD is the purveyor of Gearwerks, a popular gay leather S&M store.  This is one of your only leather S&M sources in New Mexico. Classes… Read More