Board of Directors


Female Co-President

In August of 2008, Rhiannon was introduced to NMLL through members of NM:TNG. She immediately jumped in with both feet, and shortly after becoming a member, volunteered for her first Spring Pandemonium as Volunteer Coordinator. Since then, she has been Volunteer Coordinator for many NMLL events. She currently holds the position of Secretary on the Board of Directors, a position she won and has held since 2009. Rhiannon treasures everything she’s learned in her many years in the community, and still gets a thrill every time she walks into a dungeon.


Male Co-President

Michael has been active in the kink community for over 15 years, and has taught classes at events locally and out of state. He has volunteered at major local kink events and Albuquerque Pride for many years. He has constructed several pieces of equipment that you will find in our dungeon. He has served as co-president of NMLL since 2012. He identifies as a straight Dom.



Sir B is a Daddy-identified Dominant and has been a member of NMLL and the community for four years. He runs registration for NMLL events, has helped run New Mexico: The Next Generation and currently moderates the Daddies Mommies and Littles of NM on Fetlife. More of a sensualist than a sadist, he is always willing to talk and learn.

Logo-ZiaSolo-300  Janelle


Janelle aka as Quiet_explosion has been part of the kink community for five years and poly for four years. She is a pansexual switch and an advocate for equal rights. She is excited to be elected as treasurer for the NMLL board of directors. Janelle looks forward to helping NMLL continue their mission of providing education and fun to the kink community and welcoming newcomers.

moon girlDiane

Event Coordinator

Diane is a service-oriented leather girl. She works to provide an accessible, affordable, quality space for persons of all sexual identities, gender orientations and kinky proclivities to find learning, meet like minded folks, and explore their BDSM path.  Diane has been a member of NMLL since its inception in 2006, working with the organizing committee in 2005. She has held office as either Female Co-President or Event Coordinator during many of these years.