Our Mission

The primary purpose of the League is to provide service to the community by providing a resource foundation for individuals and organizations to learn, meet like-minded individuals and provide a safe space for self-expression of the BDsM experience.

As part of its mission, the League regularly produces BDsM events in Albuquerque. NMLL works to co-sponsor and promote other events originating from within the kink community-at-large and supports worthy causes as often as they are able.

Our History

The New Mexico Leather League was formalized as a membership organization in early 2006, the result of many open community meetings that followed the production of the 2005 Rio Grande Leather Weekend. Through the hard work and dedication of several volunteer organizers leading up to the RGL, events were being produced regularly and successfully.

To build on that success, the RGL ’05 planners agreed that a formal community organization was needed. Such a club could provide much-needed structure and ensure that the production of future events would be as efficient and effective as possible, distributing the work among a wide net of volunteers.

The League is intended to act as a resource network and community foundation, helping individuals to produce fun, educational and/or fundraising events of interest to the leather, BDsM, kink & fetish cultures of New Mexico.

Our Vision

The vision of NMLL is simple: to provide a networking hub for the leather community of our state, to empower individuals to become leaders in the community, and to assure continuity within the community for new generations of leather people.